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Colours and Creation are my forte. Impatiently waiting for the my project.

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Who I Am!

A Passionate, Colour Obsessed, Virgo-Hufflepuff

The journey to Farrah Riaz Creative has been a tumultuous one. Before I came to realize my love for graphic design, I was passionate about publishing. However, it was through publishing that it occurred to me that my passion was in graphic design. This new-found dedication pushed me to pursue further education in this field. Through Humber's Graphic Design for Print and Web program, I was able to hone my skills and discover my specialty in this massive field. My devotion to graphic design is what led to the formation of Farrah Riaz Creative. It is one of my dreams and goals in life to create a graphic design agency that is mine, to be able to share my work and invite new people I can partner and create with. Farrah Riaz Creative is a design agency that specializes in brand development, advertisements, and web design.

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Let me create your advertisements for you, as you focus on expanding your brand.

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Let me help better your user experience.

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Brand Development

Let me create your identity.

My Work

a restaurant menu of fictional restaurant MisoMen
an article illustration in a magazine
an illustration of a peppermint teabox
a seed catalouge cover
an ad for glasses compnay, through the glasses lens it is clear, outsidr the lens, it is blurry. the viewer is looking
            at a group pog friends
brand development for instax shoot, it is a instax fujifulm camera on a buisness card. the brand logo on a card

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Toronto, ON